Want Natural Backlinks? Try this Proven Method

When I checked one of my amazon affiliate niche sites, I noticed one of my sites attracting some natural backlinks. I was shocked to see many of them even link to commercial articles without hesitation. 

I was happy to see those backlinks.

After some time, I understood why that site is getting backlinks organically. 

One thing I understood is that, that niche site is like an “Authority Site” in that specific niche. 

That means, if you look on google, you won’t be able to find so much information about that particular topic on any other site apart from my niche site.

Although some niche sites are targetting the same topic, they are nowhere near my niche site. 

All those sites publish only commercial content and a few info contents just for Google eyes. 

That’s it. 

Those other sites never bothered to create one-stop resources for that topic as I did in my Niche site. 

Because of publishing so much information content on a specific topic, my site seems like an Authority Niche Site in that market. 

When someone writes an article about my Niche site topic, few users link to my Niche Site as my site seems to be publishing so much content on that particular topic. 

Everyone wants to link to a helpful website rather than some 10-page niche site trying to rank google and make a few bucks.

Even the official product website link to our best article as their product has been featured in one of the best list articles. All these links came naturally. I never reached out to any company to get those backlinks!

If you are curious about knowing how many articles my Niche site has published, then it’s around 300 articles. Honestly, I don’t think those articles are EPIC articles by any nature.  

Out of those 300 articles, there are some information articles and some commercial articles. It’s like a mixture of both info and commercial content site. 

So if you can take a few things from this article, then it could be:

1) Target specific niche

2) Create an Authority Site in that Specific Niche

3) Publish a lot of helpful content, not just a commercial article

4) Wait a few years to get natural backlinks.

You cannot get natural backlinks overnight. 

You have to create valuable content and wait a few years to get links from other sites. 

No one wants to link to a site created just two years before. Because they could think it would be out next year. So be in the game for a long time to win natural backlinks. 

P K Arun

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