Happy New Year.

It’s now 2024. A lot has changed in the online industry and my business. 

Let me share something I have done before and what I’m doing now. 

In 2023, my primary way of making $$$ is using…

- Build a niche site and rank in Google
- Affiliate income from niche sites
- Adsense on some content and tools-related websites

If you are actively involved in the Internet marketing industry, then you probably might know that most so-called small Niche sites, those that are built primarily to rank in Google and make $ are no longer to be found.

At least not in Google.

Some of my niche sites got hit with those Google updates and washed out from G search results.

I also got bored of building those boring sites by hiring writers. 

Not only that, but I’m little bit tired of hearing about affiliate program closure, commission cut emails, rule changes, etc., from companies. 

So, moving forward, I’m changing my online business model, and I recommend you consider if you are building a business depending on other companies.

These days, I’m focusing mainly on building my Products. 

Mostly info products.

I have already tried selling and found little success. So now I have little confidence in this.


I’m also trying to build an email list and send emails regularly on some of my niche sites. 

It’s fun. 

This is my first time selling info products and making regular offers through emails on my other sites.

Will see how it goes.