You don’t need to reinvent. Just Model Succesful Business

Most of my online business success comes from modeling successful business than reinventing shiny new ideas and go after to see if it will be a success or not.

The one thing matter is, taking ACTION

Massive Action is way more important than the business idea itself. 

If you got an awesome business idea, and you take no action means that business is worthless.

One thing that differentiates successful and unsuccessful people is how they take “ACTION.”

Just reading case studies or watching youtube videos doesn’t take us anywhere. We have to take “ACTION” to make it work.

Inventing new business ideas and trying them may feel good if you have enough Time and Money.

However, if you don’t have any one of them, then I recommend you try to find a successful business, research how they are doing it, and model it with your own area of expertise.

In our online business, we can easily find successful businesses on platforms like and

So go to those platforms and see which sites are making money and how they are making it and implement it with your own site or own ideas.

These days it’s way easier to find successful ideas than in the olden days.

See which business model feel right to fit for you and go “ALL IN.” 

Just Don’t Give up Too Early

Usually, any online business takes a minimum of 1 or 2 years to see any result (if you go organic). 

So Stick to it, Till it Works

My Own “Model It” Case Study:

During my initial blogging career, I was just using AdSense to make money online. At that time, I don’t know about affiliate marketing.

One of my blogging Facebook friends updated his status showing how one of his small sites made money with a coupon site. 

He showed a screenshot as well to prove it. 

It’s just a 2-page site made almost like $800 something. I got impressed with it.

I created a similar coupon site and worked seriously for the next 6 months on SEO, and my site also reached similar earnings. 

Now I understood the power of “Modeling” and taking “Action“.

If your online business is not successful means, it comes down to two things. 

1) Not modeling the right business model and

2) Not taking enough ACTION to reach that stage.

Let me know what’s your thought about it in the below comment section.

P K Arun

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