Looking back 2023….

Happy New Year.

It’s now 2024. A lot has changed in the online industry and my business. 

Let me share something I have done before and what I’m doing now. 

In 2023, my primary way of making $$$ is using…

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Sendy Webhook: Move Sendy Subscriber from One List to Another List after the Autoresponder email sent

If you have been using sendy.co email marketing software to send emails, then you might be noticed sendy now offers “Trigger webhook” features in the “Rules” section.

With that features, users can now move subscribers from one list to another list after an autoresponder email has been sent.

To achieve that feature, you only need a webhook script to capture data and subscribe to another list using sendy.co subscribe API.

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Want Natural Backlinks? Try this Proven Method

When I checked one of my amazon affiliate niche sites, I noticed one of my sites attracting some natural backlinks. I was shocked to see many of them even link to commercial articles without hesitation. 

I was happy to see those backlinks.

After some time, I understood why that site is getting backlinks organically. 

One thing I understood is that, that niche site is like an “Authority Site” in that specific niche. 

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How I Increased Google Postmaster Domain Reputation from “Bad” to “High”

So your Google Postmaster domain reputation gone Bad? And thinking how you can improve your domain reputation now?

No problem. You are in the right place.

A few days back, I was also in a similar situation and didn’t get any right suggestions regarding improving domain reputation. In this article, I will share How my domain reputation went from “Bad” to “High” in the Google postmaster tool.

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Why Reader Don’t Open Your Emails?

Email marketing is one of the best channels to connect with our readers and market our product and services online without paying top dollars on Advertising to reach our audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

We cannot control social media platforms to stop reaching our message to our audience. 

It’s their platform, their rules, and you have to play by their rules. 

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You don’t need to reinvent. Just Model Succesful Business

Most of my online business success comes from modeling successful business than reinventing shiny new ideas and go after to see if it will be a success or not.

The one thing matter is, taking ACTION

Massive Action is way more important than the business idea itself. 

If you got an awesome business idea, and you take no action means that business is worthless.

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Why Dropshipping Is Not Worth It?

I’m a full time affiliate marketer and I love it.

I mainly do amazon affiliate marketing in most cases. When Amazon deducted affiliate commission during COVID time, I thought about trying dropshipping.

I tried dropshipping for the first time and this is my experience about dropshipping.

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