Alidropship Review

Looking for Alidropship Review? your in the right place. 

This Alidropship review is written based on my personal experience with the Alidropship plugin, which I’m actively using for my new dropshipping store. 

I’m pretty new to dropshipping. 

Zero-knowledge before I start my first dropshipping store. After I came across the Alidropship plugin and reading alidropship success stories, I decided I need to give it a try.

After I start using alidropship plugin, all I had to say is I made the right choice, and I’m glad for entering into dropshipping! 

There are many Alidropship alternatives available in the market. But most of them are recurring payment basis, so I decided to go with Alidropship plugin. Hopefully, you also don’t need to pay recurring charges. If that is the case, then Alidropship is the right choice for sure.

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What Does Alidropship Do?

Alidorpship is one of the popular dropshipping WordPress plugin currently available in the market. 

Alidropship does few things; it import products and customer reviews from the website to your WordPress site and keeps the product in sync with Aliexpress site (price, stock, etc.). 

Not only just this. It does a lot more function, which required for all the drop shippers. You can have a look at Alidropship Pro’s Section for more information on this stuff.

In few words, Alidropship plugin does:

#1 Makes your Job Easier

#2 Save lot of Time

#3 Automate most of the boring tasks 

Does Alidropship Work?

Yes and No.

Alidropship doesn’t work alone. 

It’s just a tool to make your job easier. It has nothing to do with making money. The Dropshipping concept does works, and an alidropship job is to make dropshipping more manageable, and It does its job for sure. If that is the thing you are asking, then yes, it does work.   

Does Alidropship Work with Shopify?

No. Alidropship doesn’t work with shopify at the time of writing. 

But to my knowledge, they are going to launch it soon because I saw one thread on a forum about beta testers for Shopify plugin. 

Alidropship Plugin Vs Alidropship Woo:

Alidropship Plugin Vs Alidropship Woo

As you might already notice that, Alidropship comes with two versions of the plugin. They are: 

1) Alidropship Plugin

2) Alidropship Woo Plugin (Alidropship Woocommerce Version) 

1) Alidropship Plugin:

Alidropship plugin also called an Alidropship original plugin. Alidropship is a simple/basic version compared to Alidropship woo version. This plugin performs all the basic needs of dropshipping without woocommerce plugin. What I noticed is, Alidropship team usually first release feature on this version plugin, then woo version and some features which supported in this version plugin not supported in woo version (ex: bulk order processing). 

If you are planning to import more than 500+ products on your store, then the alidropship team recommends the user to use Alidropship original plugin than woo version. But what I noticed is, this is not true. I have seen many sites successfully using the woo version with more than 1,000+ products on their website. 

This version is usually recommended for beginner users. It usually comes with fewer features than the woocommerce version.  

2) Alidropship Woocommerce Version:

Alidropship woo version plugin is developed for Woocommerce users. If you pick this option you usually get a lot more advantages over the original alidropship version. 

Just think about most of the themes, plugins, and features which work with woocommerce that can be used with Alidropship woo version plugin. Isn’t that great? Yes, it is. 

Here is the difference:

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I usually recommend users to go with the Alidropship Woo Version instead of the original version.

Alidropship Pros

1) Importing Aliexpress Products:

Importing products from aliexpress is quite easy. You just open the product page on aliexpress and click on the Edit and Import button to import the product title, product description, and product images directly to your WordPress site. It’s much more comfortable than copy-paste for sure. 

2) Importing Aliexpress Product Reviews:

Importing Aliexpress Reviews on to Woocommerce site with Alidropship plugin

Without Reviews, the eCommerce site looks incomplete. Reviews help in conversion. It’s worth paying for the Alidropship plugin for this feature alone. It’s a must-have feature for any dropshipping site. You can easily import aliexpress product reviews on your WordPress/woocommerce site quickly in just a single click.

You can import aliexpress product reviews on a single product or you bulk import reviews to all the products with just a single click. 

Few things you can do with Alidropship Product Review Importing:

Import Aliexpress reviews by Rating, auto-translate reviews to the language you pick, import only image reviews, etc.,

3) Pricing Automation:

Alidropship pricing automation

No need to set product prices on every product. You can simply define pricing formulas that need to be applied for each product you imported from aliexpress, then alidropship automatically adds pricing for all the imported products. 

If you want to change the pricing structure for some product, you can do that manually by updating the price on the product page. 

4) Sync with Aliexpress:

Sync products data with Aliexpress

Products go out of stock, price changes, product variation changes, etc., Do you think we can manually keep track of all these changes for all the products?

No. We cannot track this manually.

Alidropship can make this process easy. With just a single click, Alidropship syncs with Aliexpress data. 

5) Automatically Place Orders on Aliexpress:

Auto placing orders to aliexpress with alidropship plugin

Once you got the order on your site, the next step is placing the order on aliexpress. Alidropship has an option to automatically place orders with a single click. 

We just need to open the order page and click on the “Place Order Automatically” button to place an order on the Aliexpress site. Alidropship automatically fills customer shipping addresses, selects the product with proper variations, chooses the shipping method automatically, and asks you to process payment.

Once you Place Order on Aliexpress, it automatically collects the order ID on your site. 

6) Updating Tracking ID:

Collect Bulk tracking ID from aliexpress

When the seller ships your order, you will get the Tracking Number on the aliexpress site. You can import all placed order tracking IDs to your site with just a single click. Once you collect a tracking number on your website, an email notification will be sent to the user with Tracking Number and delivery estimation date. 

9) Import Unlimited Products:

With Alidropship there is no limit on how many products you can import to your site. Alidropship offers unlimited product importing without any limitation or any extra cost for importing aliexpress products to a WordPress site. 

10) Unlimited Free Updates & Supports: 

Alidropship offers Unlimited Free Updates and Support on all the products. That means, once you purchase a license, you can use as long as you want and they support as long as the product stays in the market. You don’t need to pay for each major upgrade or support every year. 

11) Community: 

Alidropship has a good drop shipping community. You can ask for dropping related questions, support, or tips on their alidropship forum. 

12) Coupons: 

If you want to offer coupons to your customers for marketing purposes, you can do that with this extension. 

13) AliExpress Cashback:

aliexpress cashback alidropship

With the Alidropshipping plugin, you just don’t earn a markup price difference, but you also earn up to 8% affiliate commission by joining an Aliexpress affiliate program.  

15) Developer himself Dropshipper: 

Another good thing about the Alidropship plugin is, they themself use their product for setting up dropshipping sites. This means, they always aware of what’s need to added to their product, what brakes, etc., on their product. 

Alidropship Con’s

1) Shipping Price:

Including shipping price is missing on the Alidropship extension. While doing dropshipping, we, as a seller, need to know how much it cost products for us to sell. To understand how much it costs, we need to include product price and shipping price as well, but Alidropship considers only product price. We can apply our pricing structure only based on product price; we cannot consider shipping while setting prices on products. This is one of the major drawbacks that I noticed on the Alidropship extension. 

2) Multi Variation Product Issues:

multi varition product issue

If you import aliexpress products with too much variation, then alidropship extensions don’t update/sync that product with aliexpress data. You have to skip such product sync with aliexpress, or else you won’t be able to update any other products after that product. 

3) No Bulk Order Support on Alidropship Woo Version:

If you use Alidropship woo version plugin, then bulk order processing won’t support. That means you have to process each order one by one instead of all orders at one shot. 

4) Showing Shipping Estimation Time while Checkout:

Estimated delivery time on the Checkout/Cart page is not displayed. I guess this issue is only in the Alidropship woo version plugin and not with Alidropship original plugin. 

5) Support Response Time: 

I contacted a few times the alidropship support team, every time I got a response but it usually takes 1 to 3 days to get a response from the alidropship support team. 

6) No Mobile App: 

Currently, the Alidropship plugin doesn’t have a mobile app. If they have, it could be easier for us to process Orders on the go. 

Alidropship Coupon Code:

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FAQ’s on Alidropship Plugin:

Does Alidropship Work with Shopify?

No. Alidropship plugin currently doesn’t work with shopify

Alidropship Can Import from Were?

Alidropship can import products and reviews from the Aliexpress website. 

Can You Set Your Own Prices on Alidropship?

Yes. You can set your own prices for products on Alidropship

Can you Set Paypal on Alidropship?

Yes. Alidropship support paypal

Alidropship for Shopify?

Currently, they don’t have a plugin/app for Shopify, I guess they will launch alidropship for Shopify soon. 

Can You Transfer Alidropship Store to Amazon?

No. It only supports Aliexpress

Can You Use Alidropship with Shopify?

No. It won’t work with shopify

What’s Better Host for WordPress Alidropship Plugin Host or Wpengine?

I suggest to go with WPEngine

Alidropship Amazon, can it work?

No. Alidropship don’t support amazon

Reset Alidropship Key?

Yes. you can reset alidropship key by contacting their support team

Where to Download Alidropship?

You can download here

Which Is Better Woodropship or Alidropship for Woocommerce?

I personally prefer Alidropship for Woocommerce

Bulk Fulfill Orders Alidropship?

Bulk fulfill orders supported in Alidropship original plugin but not in Alidropship for woocommerce 

Alidropship Contact?

You can contact them here

Alidropship Forum How to Post?

For posting on the Alidropship forum, their team needs to approve users before they post on their forum. Please wait for at least 3 to 5 business days to get it approved

Alidropship without WordPress?

No. Alidropship need wordpress to work

Does Alidropship Work with Ebay?

No. Alidropship won’t work with ebay

Alidropship 40% Off?

I never came across alidropship 40% off

Alidropship Plugin Can It Be Used on More than One Site?

No. Alidropship plugin is allowed to use on single domain only

How Many Imports with Alidropship?

Alidropship allows unlimited imports

Is Alidropship Necessary?

Not necessarily. But it greatly helps in conversion by importing reviews and saves time by automating many tasks

How Long Before the First Order on Alidropship?

It depends on your skill, not on the Alidropship plugin. If you have the right traffic you can get the first sale within a few hours


If you are just starting dropshipping and don’t want to pay recurring pricing, then look no further. All you need to Alidropship plugin to start your dropshipping store with woocommerce.

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